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UX-Wargame is an easy-to-play turn-based strategy wargame designed for Microsoft® Silverlight®. This game features authentic hexagonally-tiled-map and allows you to enjoy exciting virtual wars by contemporary forces (fighter jets, armored tanks, battle ships, etc.) against computer AI player.

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How-to-Play Instructions

ScreenShot Image : Infomative sidebar (Faction-Panel, Terrain-Panel, Unit-Panel) - Hexagonal map turn-based war stategy game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight ScreenShot Image : Unit-Commands (Move or Attack) - Hexagonal map turn-based war stategy game for Microsoft .NET Framework for Silverlight

Your goal in gameplay is an occupation of opponent CAPITAL by sending your own troops there. To lead the campagin to success, make and deploy land, air, and naval units tactically, and sweep enemy forces that will prevent your troops to reach their CAPITAL.

Getting Started: Choose a challenging level on the title window, and click START button to begin a new game. First thing to do is to organize your forces. Anyway, click on CAPITAL or BASES(Army-Base, Air-Base or Naval-Base) to make new units. In later turns, you can give command to each unit.

Map Control: Map view can be zoomed by mouse-wheeling and can be panned by mouse-drag-and-drop. By hovering the mouse cursor on a hexagonal block, information about the block is displayed in Terrain-Panel on sidebar. When a unit exist on that block, information about the unit is also displayed in Unit-Panel.

Play-Turns: Game goes by alternating turn (computer and you). In your turn, you can make new units and/or can give commands to existing units. By clicking "FINISH" button, you can finish your play. Then play-turn switches to the computer-player and opponent units make actions. There is a limit of turns (typically 64). If turn count pass the limit, the game comes to an end in draw.

Giving Commands to Units: Only a single command (MOVE, ATTACK, OCCUPY, etc.) can be given to a unit once in a turn. Click the unit to give command first, and click destination (or target) next. When there are multiple units or multiple commandable actions, popup menu appears for you to select one.


MOVE/STAND-BY: You can move a unit within the range that is defined by the unit's Speed parameter. If you won't give any additional action to the unit, choose "STAND-BY" to make it stay there.

ENTER: When there is a facility (such as CAPTIAL, BASES, AIRPORT/SEAPORT or Towns) at the destination of the unit, you can choose "ENTER" to have the unit get stored in the facility. Refueling and supply for armaments are automatically provided in all types of facilities. Repairment (recovery of Life parameter) is only available in CAPITAL or BASES.

ATTACK: When the unit can attack one or more enemy units, additional markers appear on their positions. Click one to choose the target to attack. Battle-Window appears to report the results. When multiple weapons are available in an attack, choose one in popup menu.

BOARD/GET-ON: When there is a boardable carrier (such as Truck, Transport-Plane, Aircraft-Carrier, etc.) at the destination of unit, you can choose carrier to have the unit board it.

REFUEL: Hexagonal blocks around a refueling unit (Supply-Truck, Supply-Ship or Refueling-Plane) are marked as refuelable area. By placing the unit in the area, you can choose "REFUEL" command. By refueling, Fuel and/or armaments are recharged.

OCCUPY: When a Soldier unit reaches an opponent (or neutral) facility, you can choose "OCCUPY" command. By occupation, the facility gets under the control of your forces. When the opponent CAPITAL gets occupied finally in this manner, game ends in your victory.

Unit Parameters/Terrain Parameters

Units have following common parameters; You can view actual parameter values in Unit-Panel on sidebar. And also, you can view detailed unit specifications (including armaments' firepower by target types) in Unit Factory Window by choosing a unit in the product list.

Hexagonal blocks have following parameters

Frequently Asked Questions

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Appendix: Unit Types and Features

Army Forces

The only unit type that has ablity to occupy facilities. Soldier can get on Truck, Armored-Personnel-Carrier or Transport-Copter to travel distance quickly.
Personnel carrier truck that can carry two soldier units.
Supply Truck
Supporting unit that can refuel ground units or helicopters (landed flat area).
Rocket Launching Truck
A truck equipped with Rocket that can attack enemy ground units indirectly.
Anti-Aircraft Missile Truck
A truck equipped Ground-to-Air Missile that can attack aircrafts indirectly.
Armored Personnel Carrier
Armored vehicle that can carry a single soldier unit.
Heavily armored battle tank equipped with Cannon and Machine Gun.
Anti-Aircraft Tank
Armored tank equipped Anti-Aircraft Cannon.
Multiple Rocket Launching Tank
Tank equipped with Rocket that can attack enemy ground units indirectly.

Air Forces

Standard fighter jet equipped with Air-to-Air Missiles and Machine-Gun.
Stealth Fighter
Fighter jet of high defense ability equipped with longer range Air-to-Air Missiles that can attack enemy fighters indirectly.
Attack Fighter
Carrier capable jet fighter that can attack enemy ships by Anti-Ship Missiles.
Attack Plane
Ground attack plane equipped with Air-to-Ground Missiles and Machine Gun.
Large-sized bomber plane of high load ability.
Attack Copter
Ground attack helicopter equipped with Anti-Tank Missile.
Transport Copter
Personnel carrier helicopter that can carry a single soldier unit.
Anti-Sub Patrol Copter
Helicopter specially designed to attack submarine by Anti-Sub Missiles.
Trasport Plane
Supporing airplane that can carry a single ground unit from Air-Base (or Airport) to another.
Refueling Plane
Supporing airplane that can provide Air-to-Air refueling to airplanes.
Reconnaissance Plane
Carrier capable jet plane equiped with wide rande radar.
Early Warninig Plane
Airplane equiped with very wide rande radar.

Naval Forces

Heavily armored battle ship equipped with Cannon that can give strike to enemy ground units or ships.
Ship that can attack various targets by Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Anti-Ship Missiles, Anti-Sub Missiles or Cannon.
Armored Cruiser
Armored ship equipped with Cannon and Anti-Aircraft Missiles.
Transport Ship
Transport ship that can carry 6 ground units from Seaport(or Naval-Base) to another.
Landing Ship
Transport ship that can carry 6 ground units or helicopters. Landing Ship can land Beach to deploy ground units.
Aircraft Carrier
Ship that can carry 6 carrier-capable airplanes or helicopters.
Supply Ship
Supporting ship that can refuel and reload armaments to ships or submarines.
The only under-sea unit that can attack enemy naval units by Anti-Ship Missiles or Torpedo.


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